Why Bake . . . . .  Let us do the work for you!         We've got the BEST pies in Town!     Cakes & Cobblers too!  Baked fresh daily with fine quality ingredients.   

PIES:   Slice:  $2.75    

Take home a Whole Pie $11.75

>Cream Pies  >Meringue Pies

>Fruit Pies


Coconut   Apple
Chocolate French Silk Chocolate Cherry
Peanut Butter Lemon
Banana Butter Scotch
Elvis Presley (banana & peanut butter) Buttermilk Pecan 

French Apple 
CAKES: Slice $2.95 PUDDING: $2.75  COBBLER:  $2.75
Banana Nut Banana Apple    
Boston Cream Blackberry
Carrot ICE CREAM: Scoop $1.75 Blueberry
Chocolate add a scoop to any pie, cake, or cobbler Cherry    
Pineapple Upside-Down      Peach


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